The results of the Company’s work have been published and accepted in a number of respected international journals. Experience, knowledge and success to the staff of the Company were evaluated by such respected European institutions such as Directorate General “HOME Affairs”, European Commission and European Defence Agency. To the first the Company implemented the project “Development of tools needed to coordinate inter-sectoral power and transport CIP activities at a situation of multilateral terrorist threat. INCREASE of the protection capacity of key CIP objects in BULGARIA.”, European Commission Programme „Prevention, Preparedness and Consequence Management of Terrorism and Other Security Related Risks” HOME/2010/CIPS/AG/019, and in 2013 won the project “Improvement of the Urban Security and Defense through the Implementation of Advanced Detection Sensor System” (USEAID) to the European Defence Agency among 72 other projects of the EU member-states.

3. Reports from conferences

4. National defence R&T strategy – December 2009

5. National defence against terrorism R&T strategy – April 2010