About the Company

The main efforts of the Company are focused on the design, construction, testing and deployment of intelligent sensors, sensor systems, networks and technologies with applications in the field of security and defense. The Company combines the activities of designing, prototyping and creating series of sensors and sensor systems, functional tests of individual samples, complex longitudinal tests of sensors systems and communication with command and control center. The Company develops software applications and embedded software for defense and security.

HIGH-TECH IMS LTD is a company that develops, manufactures and markets specialized mechatronic systems on national and international markets.

The company’s priorities and strategic objectives are targeted in the following directions:

About company - products1. Improvement of the technologies developed in the company for the modification of ferrous metals and alloys with nanomaterials in the process of melting and casting, for the utilization of metal waste (including radioactive);

2. Development of high-tech methods for obtaining special ceramic, petrurgical and composite non-metallic materials and glass;

3. Development of technologies for the production of amorphous metals with application in additive technologies and 3D-printing;

4. Development of modern nanomodified materials and technologies for production and welding of metals, alloys, plastics and ceramics;

5. Development of the company technologies, devices and systems for object monitoring and identification, for enhancing the safety of transport vehicles, coastal waters and port infrastructure;

6. Development of technologies for obtaining new materials for use in mechatronic systems under extreme conditions;

7. Improving the technologies, methods and devices available in the company for testing materials and systems exposed to extreme impacts;

8. Improvement of the technologies available in the company for the design and development of intelligent sensor systems, methods for processing information and use for management in industry, transport, energy, ecology and security;

9. Development of remote controlled underwater and underwater objects;

10. Development of mechatronic systems for protection of the population and the national economy in crises.