High-Tech IMS ltd presents its world-class products and systems

On 30 April, Republic of Turkey – Istanbul has been opened one of the most present world exhibitions of military and defense technology – IDEF 2019.

On the base of our more than 50 years’ experience we are developing a broad range of products and systems against many kinds of threats on air, land and water. Our last developments in the field of: underwater and surface control of our systems with own innovative technologies for hydroacoustic, radio and satellite communications; increasing the depth at which we can deploy our products on the seabed; increasing the detection distance of our sensors and the sustainable transfer of the necessary information to the operators and the response forces, provide us with confidence that we are able to solve any problem in this sphere.

High-Tech IMS ltd presents its products and systems for security and protection against land, air and water. Our anti-tank mines, anti-vehicle mines, anti-helicopter mines, bottom sea mines, hydroacoustic surveillance systems, jammers against underwater communications and anti-dron system are at the top of international chain of the products and systems in the respective areas.