IMS 3D LAB received industrial 3D printer PROJET3000 with high level accuracy

IMS 3D LAB received industrial 3D printer PROJET3000 with high level accuracyThe laboratory for Rapid Prototyping already has a industrial 3D printer series ProJet of the company 3D Systems. ProJet is a technology for printing, which is unique in its kind and holds its own patent. Technology creates patterns by selectively and simultaneously injecting of two materials – construction and supporting. After the process, the finished parts are “baked” in an oven designed for this purpose. After firing all the supporting material runs and allows for higher profit details. This allows printing of patterns with extremely complex configuration, internal voids, and even assembled mechanisms impossible to manufacture in other methods. The materials with which the machine works are engineering plastics, high strength, suitable for master models and testing of final products. The machine can print and casting wax for subsequent casting of metal, in the method of the expendable pattern.

The accuracy of the manufactured part is of a maximum deviation of 0.016 mm. There is a possibility to print on thin-walled details with a minimum wall thickness of 0.2 mm. The maximum dimensions of a manufactured part are 300X200X200mm.

3D printedProjet3000 is a technology that has tremendous applications in engineering prototyping, testing of products and rapid production of iterations.

With the ability to print with casting wax it can be an indispensable tool not only in dentistry for making dentures and crowns, but and for precise parts of fuses, sensors, etc.. The printer can be used even for production of complex parts in small series, which make the matrix would be extremely unprofitable.