BULCIP Central is a new subsystem in our family

BULCIP Central The BULCIP system sensors can be easily integrated to the usual security systems through our new BULCIP Central.

The BULCIP Central was developed as supporting and backup module within the usual command and control center. In case of power fails the BULCIP Central can autonomously supply with power the sensors, collect all the incoming data and trigger alarm events. This increases the reliability of the overall system. After the power and connection to the main computer is restored, the BULCIP Central automatically transmits the entire recorded Log to the main database.

Through the BULCIP Central the user is able to:

  • Add sensors to the system
  • Remove sensors from the system
  • Adjust sensors
  • Group sensors in zones
  • Set the zone state – armed / disarmed
  • Check out a detailed log of the events that occurred in the system.

A new BULCIP Central has:

  • Multiple relay inputs
  • RS 485 sensor connectivity
  • Ethernet connectivity
  • Radio connectivity (LoRa, XBee)
  • Autonomous power supply
  • More than 30 days database log
  • Keyboard and LCD display, easy to use with the system for customization sensor setting and event viewer.

Example of configuration of the system