BlueBee devise creates two-way transformation of the messages (alarm and service) from the XBee radio network to the Bluetooth protocol makes possible for effective system deployment and adjustment. To end the widely available smart devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops et cetera) are used equipped with a specialized Android-based application. The application provides Bluetooth connectivity with the transformer and is able to relieve and visualize messages as well as send commands to the sensors. The main functionalities of the software application are:

  • To monitor the communication between command center and the separate sensors;
  • To send test commands to the sensors;
  • To receive alarm messages;
  • To Sensor System Intercommunication (Xbee) Any Smart Device.


This technology assists during the system deployment process in the following aspects: Installation – during installation of every single sensor his GPS coordinates are acquired through the application which is send to the local command post center along with the sensor ID.

Diagnostics – the application enables the possibility of sending local service commands (status, battery level, temperature) to the sensors, which can guaranty the their normal work in outdoor conditions.

The radio bridge device is intended to facilitate the sensory system during installation and diagnostics. After initial initialization the device provides functionalities to receive and transmit all communication messages from an XBee radio network to a pre-established Bluetooth connectivity and vice versa. In that way the field operator is given an easy access to the working conditions of the system.


The BLUEBEE devise translates the sensor system radio signals to well-known Bluetooth standard and vice versa. The devise is paired with the smartphone and allows the customer to make local checks and bind the sensor with his GPS coordinates.