The software suit integrates everything needed for successful perimeter security. It includes graphical and table representation of all incoming sensor and outdoing command events, database support, events statistical evaluation, the possibility to include pre-written procedures. The possibility of remote monitoring provided by our Web-based command center allows, if necessary, to inform remote located experts about the current tactical picture and thus to obtain an adequate assessment of the situation.


Web based command center

The Web-based command center software is design for convenient remove monitoring and don't have any control functions.

Command and control center

The Command and Control Software is able to warn in real-time for occurring events in multiple guarded areas. If the malicious event occurs in some of the monitored areas the software signalizes with color change and sound to attract the user attention. The user can observe the current state in details in each of the monitored areas by zooming the map and reading text descriptions. All events incoming and outgoing events are recorded in database. The software contains Advisory System which possesses decision capabilities. According to the incoming data the software analyses the current state and make action proposals according to predefined scenarios, directives, procedures and protocols. The software has also encrypted chat capabilities with all local command posts for direct communication with operators of Local Command Posts.