NATO’s Group of Maritime Armaments welcomes the achievements of High-Tech IMS Ltd

The NATO’s Group of Maritime Armaments held a working meeting on the 27 of June 2019 at the NAVAL Academy Vaptcarov in which representatives of the Member-States had a chance to be familiar with the developments of the Bulgarian Defence Industry in an interest of the Naval Forces.

The event was attended by representatives of High-Tech IMS Ltd.academician Stefan Vodenicharov and Professor Kiril Stoychev. As a member of the Bulgarian Defense Industry Association, the company participated in this event with its own developments together with the companies: MTG DOLPHIN PLC, OPTIX Co, TCHERNO MORE Co and TEREM SHC, which organized an exhibition of products and systems of the respective companies in the field of maritime armaments.

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High-Tech IMS ltd presents its world-class products and systems

On 30 April, Republic of Turkey – Istanbul has been opened one of the most present world exhibitions of military and defense technology – IDEF 2019.

On the base of our more than 50 years’ experience we are developing a broad range of products and systems against many kinds of threats on air, land and water. Our last developments in the field of: underwater and surface control of our systems with own innovative technologies for hydroacoustic, radio and satellite communications; increasing the depth at which we can deploy our products on the seabed; increasing the detection distance of our sensors and the sustainable transfer of the necessary information to the operators and the response forces, provide us with confidence that we are able to solve any problem in this sphere.

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High-Tech IMS ltd is presented with its world-class products and systems

High-Tech IMS presents its products and systems for securityHigh-Tech IMS presents its products and systems for security
On 17 February, United Arab Emirates – ABU DABI has been opened one of the most present world exhibitions of military and defense technology – IDEX 2019.

High-Tech IMS ltd presents its products and systems for security and protection against land, air and water. Our anti-tank mines, anti-vehicle mines, anti-helicopter mines, bottom sea mines, hydroacoustic surveillance systems, jammers against underwater communications and anti-dron system are at the top of international chain of the products and systems in the respective areas.

Software for setting and configuration of BULCIP Central

Software for setting and configuration of BULCIP CentralWe just completed our new software for setting and configuration of BULCIP Central. With the software the user can easily setup, configure and reconfigure the BULCIP Central functionalities. The latter saves time compared to the usual setup approach with BULCIP Central own keyboard and display. The sensor system settings like sensor IDs, perimeter zones, sensor communication interfaces (cable and/or radio), schedules etc. are prepared on the desktop PC or Laptop and finally are uploaded to the BULCIP Central.

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“Armus” showed its capabilities and imperessed three presidents – those of Austria, Bulgaria and Romania

"Armus" showed its capabilities and imperessed three presidents - those of Austria, Bulgaria and RomaniaOn the 4-th May in Rousse, the president of Bulgaria Rumen Radev welcomed his colleagues – the presidents of Austria and Romania Alexander van der Bellen and Klaus Iohannis.

Van der Bellen and Iohannis were visiting the Danube Town at the invitation of Radev for an informal meeting on “The future of united Europe”. During the meeting, they discussed key topics on the European agenda, which are also among the Bulgarian priorities in the EU Council Presidency.

The meeting in Rousse is also an expression of the political will of the three countries, which will consecutively take over the presidency of the EU Council to ensure the continuity on key common positions on the agenda of the community such as the European perspective for the Western Balkans, energy and transport connectivity in the region.

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BULCIP Central is a new subsystem in our family

BULCIP Central The BULCIP system sensors can be easily integrated to the usual security systems through our new BULCIP Central.

The BULCIP Central was developed as supporting and backup module within the usual command and control center. In case of power fails the BULCIP Central can autonomously supply with power the sensors, collect all the incoming data and trigger alarm events. This increases the reliability of the overall system. After the power and connection to the main computer is restored, the BULCIP Central automatically transmits the entire recorded Log to the main database.

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Extremely successful test of underwater robot “Armus” was implemented

We are extremely happy, we attended in a memorable event – the successful testing of the second version of the best in the world in its class underwater robot for researching on the hulls of large vessels – its name is ARMUS – a development of Institute of Metal Science, Equipment and Technologies with Hydroaerodinamics Centre – Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.

The ARMUS system presents a new approach for observation of the hull of large marine vessels providing fast, but at the same time very accurate and reliable method for underwater inspection, detection and identification of various threats. ARMUS is magnetic tracks based mobile robot capable to stick-on and move along iron surfaces and operate in extreme environmental conditions, including under the water surface. Among the main advantages of the ARMUS system is its ability to reduce significantly the time for hull inspection by providing in process estimation and assessment of the hull while the ship is in motion. This advantage reduces significantly the standby time of the ships when inspection of the hull is required before entering a port. On the other hand the process of inspection allows the vessels to be observed continuously during the voyage. Another important advantage of ARMUS is its capability to stay underwater as long as it is necessary. The system is powered and controlled directly by the vessel it inspects and may operate in long cycles without maintenance and recharge.

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New capabilities and new adventures

In August 2017, a team of IMSETHC-BAS undertook an inspection and survey of the underwater environment in the area around the water tower of Ognyanovo dam. The team demonstrated the capabilities for inspection and exploration of dam underwater objects, dam dikes and sea beds.

The survey was conducted with a BlueRov2 underwater robot, which is capable of exploring objects and delivering video with 110 degree (horizontal) view angle and quality of 700 TVL in real time in depth of up to 100 meters.

The survey included inspection of the water tower and its foundations and exploration of the remains of a broken bridge linking the water tower and the land.

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New book “Vulnerability assessment of security and protection systems” was published

Kiril Stoichev, Valeri Panevski, Dimitar Dimitrov

Vulnerability assessment of security and protection systemsProbably we all are convinced that the main threat to the critical infrastructure is the terrorist wave that drowns in its arrogance and ruthlessness entire continents, including Europe. Such a scale, such a wide comprehensiveness of activities and a multitude of terrorist organizations, whose activities terrorized hundreds of millions of people on Earth, the mankind has not known since the beginning of its existence. There are numerous examples in this direction and we should not ignore and lightly neglect the biggest “plagues” in this area, the activities of the deadliest terrorist organizations ever existed on our planet.

In the beginning of the 21-st Century in the company of our attention is positioned Al – Qaeda, which carried out a daring attack on civilians in the United States. Long around it had popped up and joined, a number of other independent terrorist organizations, united by their hatred of all those who do not profess their “ideology”.

But in this moment Al – Qaeda looks like “little child” to such terrorist “giants” like Boko Haram or Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS), which do not limit their activities only to countries and regions, in which their followers live, but also conduct numerous terrorist attacks worldwide.

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Professor Dr. Eng. Kiril Stoichev, DSc. (Econ.) opens of the ConferenceThe Institute of Metal Science, Equipment and Technologies with a Hydroaerodynamics Centre – BAS, respectively HIGH-TECH IMS LTD., has now a new laboratory for digital production. Modern equipment allows 3D modeling and quick prototyping of any constructions. “The new machine allows simultaneous use of 2 materials. It can model extremely complex structures and details that can not be made in any other way.”, says Stanislav Nanev. Plastics are mainly used – for example, photopolymers or thermoplastics such as ABS and PLA. It also works with a photopolymer that imitates foundry wax – it has the ability to burn without ash and can be used for direct metal casting.

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Professor Kiril Stoichev is a member of the board of ASD

Kiril Stoichev - Executive Secretary of BDIA“AeroSpace and Defence Industries Association of Europe (ASD) is the voice of European Aeronautics, Space, Defence and Security Industries, representing over 3,000 companies and actively supporting the competitive development of the sector in Europe and worldwide. It has 40 direct members, active in 19 countries, including 17 major European industries and 26 National Associations. ASD members together employed more than 847,700 people and generated a turnover of €222 billion in 2015.”

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Course “Physical Protection Technologies, Systems and Equipment”

Economics of Defense and Security with specialization „NUCLEAR SECURITY”, taught in English.

HIGH-TECH IMS LTD. and University of National and World Economy have developed a joint Programme for the Course “Physical Protection Technologies, Systems and Equipment” for foreign students.
The course was held for the second time, from 16 to 20 May 2017, in the Company building.

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It was officially opened a new wing of the laboratory for modeling and rapid prototyping

new wing of the laboratory for modeling and rapid prototypingUnder the auspices of Akademik Stefan Vodenicharov,
April 18 (Tuesday) was officially opened a new wing of the Laboratory for modeling and rapid prototyping!

The Laboratory has modern, high tech equipment, with which the processes of projecting and designing of test versions of the developed products and systems, it will significantly enhace their quality, will reduce the time for their preparation for production and realization and will increase their competitiveness!

The Laboratory was opened in honour of the 50-th anniversary of the institute!

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The successful testing of the underwater robot „ARMUS“

The system for observation of the hull of large vessels “ARMUS” is a mobile robot designed to inspect the outer surface of large oil ship hulls and Floating Production Storage Offloading (FPSO) platforms. It is able to perform tasks under various weather conditions during the ship motion.

On 10 of March, 2017, “ARMUS” was successfully tested in the basin of the Hydroaerodynamics Centre, which is a partner of the HIGH-TECH IMS LTD.


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IMS 3D LAB received industrial 3D printer PROJET3000 with high level accuracy

IMS 3D LAB received industrial 3D printer PROJET3000 with high level accuracyThe laboratory for Rapid Prototyping already has a industrial 3D printer series ProJet of the company 3D Systems. ProJet is a technology for printing, which is unique in its kind and holds its own patent. Technology creates patterns by selectively and simultaneously injecting of two materials – construction and supporting. After the process, the finished parts are “baked” in an oven designed for this purpose. After firing all the supporting material runs and allows for higher profit details. This allows printing of patterns with extremely complex configuration, internal voids, and even assembled mechanisms impossible to manufacture in other methods. The materials with which the machine works are engineering plastics, high strength, suitable for master models and testing of final products. The machine can print and casting wax for subsequent casting of metal, in the method of the expendable pattern.

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Seismic sensors has successfully passed certification by BVQI

Our teamOn 7th of December 2016 the device “seismic sensor SS – 05” successfully passed laboratory climatic and vibration tests in compliance with standard MIL – STD – 810 G. The tests were performed in laboratory “Testing of packages” at IMSETHC “acad. A. Balevski” under an order confirmed by the assistant director of IMSETHC professor Kiril Stoychev, PhD with the following commission staff: chairman Vencislav Pehliwansky Phd and members – associate professor Hristo Kolev PhD, Stiliyan Georgiev Phd, Vladimir Varbanov PhD and eng. Stoimen Balinov in the presence of an authorized representative of “Bureau Veritas” Mr. A. Pandov.

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Anti-drone system and countermeasure device were developed

Anti-drone devicesThe team of the Company has developed new systems and devices to expand the capabilities of our Security and Protection System – BULCIP.

1. Developed at the Company Anti-drone devices (ADD) are modular systems for multiple and single use, including:

  • Sensor system, SS-ADD – for multiple usages;
  • Combat unit system, CUS-ADD – for single use (excluding common component of radio fuses for block blasting);
  • Radio jamming system, RJS – ADD – for multiple usages;
  • System for Command, Control and Communications (SC3-ADD) – for multiple usages.

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Info day in the University of National and World Economy, dedicated to the European Atomic Energy Community- Euratom

On 12th of September 2016 in the University of National and World Economy – Sofia, has been held info day, dedicated to the European Atomic Energy Community- Euratom. An organizers of the information day where Faculty “Economics of Infrastructure” – “National and Regional Security” Department together with Directorate General “Research & Innovation” – European Commission. The focus of the event was on “Programme for Research and Training of the European Atomic Energy Community” – EURATOM (2014 – 2018), in addition to the Framework Programme for Research and Innovation “Horizon 2020”.

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New generation of seismic sensors was created

New generation of seismic sensorsThe Company’s team has developed a new generation of seismic sensors for security and protection of critical infrastructure. The new sensors are different from those in the process of mass production at the Company not only in appearance but also in terms of content. New technologies are used in the development and assembly of electronic part, it is improved the employability of the sensors in various and severe weather conditions, the parameters of the management software are improved through which to a minimum is reduced the potential for false signals, the maintainability circumstances have been improved. The test results of the sensors (which tests were conducted on our permanent polygon) categorically demonstrated many times the better opportunities of this sensors generation over other types of sensors that are produced by the Company or are in application on the international market.

The main advantages of new sensors generation are:

  • Duration of autonomous operation of the field (without changing the batteries) – more than 3 years;
  • The radio included in the sensor can communicate on distance 600 m.;
  • Improved maintainability;
  • The sensors can be used with cable or wireless connection;
  • The software allows to be significantly reduce the false alerts;
  • Тhe radio and software allow the sensors to be integrated into any security and protection system;
  • Low cost.

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Joint underwater mine warfare workshop Bulgaria, Sozopol, 20.06-23.06.2016

In the period of 20 – 23 June, 2016, in the town Sozopol, Bulgarian Naval Base “Atia” was held International Workshop „Joint Underwater Mine Warfare Workshop“. The Workshop was organized by the Institute of Metal Science, Equipment and Technologies with Hydroaerodynamics Centre – Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Navy of the Republic of Bulgaria and Naval Surface Warfare Center, Florida.

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Anti drone tests

On 01.06.2016 a series of tests were performed over the anti-drone device ADD-400-1 near Sapareva Banya, Bulgaria. During the tests different sized drones were launched and detected with a overall reliability rate over 95%.

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Radio communication module BEEHIVE CELL TD01 – certified


On 26.05.2016 a successful procedure of certification was performed by the Bureau Veritas Bulgaria (IND). The certified Radio communication module BEEHIVE CELL TD01 was put to various tests inspected by the assigned auditor – Tane Tanev. The obtained results correspond with the technical specifications of the device. The tests were performed in the Tehnopol LTD technical laboratory and a field polygon near to Stara Zagora, Bulgaria.

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