The BULSIP Sensory System is built up of two main sections:
1. Intelligent Autonomous Sensory Devises with Command Post Control Center
2. Advisory System communicating via Wireless Network

The BULSIP Sensory System is developed as section of EU project HOME/2010/CIPS/AG/019;
Program: The Prevention, Preparedness and Consequence Management of Terrorism and other Security-related Risks (CIPS);
Topic: „Development of tools needed to coordinate inter-sectoral power and transport CIP activities at a situation of multilateral terrorist threat. Increase of the capacity of key CIP objects in Bulgaria“.

Currently, the use of separate sensors providing alarm signals is considered as insufficient. To construct an efficient sensory system is necessary to use many different types of sensors. They transmit synchronously encrypted data to one or several command posts, which display incoming information in a flexible and user-friendly way and provide access control. Simultaneously, such systems can do real-time analysis and recommend for possible actions consistent with predefined procedures. Thus, provided integrated information enables comprehensive analysis and subsequently ability for adequate and rapid response. The presented system is flexible, i.e., it allows addition or removal of sensor devices without interfering the overall system performance.

The Intelligent-Autonomous Warning-Surveillance System – BULSIP features novel circuit boards, new software, improved and intelligently working algorithms.

BULSIP is intended to be used for intelligent security monitoring and is designed as an early warning system providing precise and real-time information of the presence and behavior of people, vehicles, and/or other objects in secured perimeters. It consists of Specialized Cameras, Seismic Detectors, Microwave Barriers, Microwave Radars, a Portable Command Post and a Command Post Control Computer interacting in a secure wireless digimesh network. Specialized Cameras, Seismic Detectors, Microwave Radars and Microwave Barriers are organized in Sensor units/nodes.

Intelligent-Autonomous Warning-Surveillance System - BULSIP

In many cases, the system can help or entirely reduce the need for human active monitoring. Flexibility in the location and ways of organization of the sensor units contributes to building a variety of configurations and optimal solutions in monitoring government, public, military and commercial guarded sites, areas with limited access – military bases, prisons, embassies, opencast mining, industrial facilities and state borders.

The main advances of BULSIP Sensory System are:

  • Intelligent sensors: each sensor is able to recognize and classify objects independently;
  • Flexibility: addition or removal of sensors does not disturb the real-time working of the system;
  • Mobility: each sensor can be positioned and repositioned without the need of special equipment;
  • Assistance: The command post control center software can do real-time analysis and recommend for possible actions consistent with predefined procedures.

The system includes following sensory elements and communicate throe wireless mesh network.

1. Specialized camera
2. Thermal imaging camera
3. Seismic sensor
4. Passive infrared sensor
5. Microwave barrier
6. Integrated microwave PIR barrier
7. Radio module
8. Command and control software