A key factor for assault preventing and thread management is the human factor. No technology or methodology can replace the well-trained staff. Therefor one of company activities is staff training and expanding knowledge of existing specialists.

The HIGH-TECH IMS LTD. will provide a favorable environment for training of young scientists from the Institute of Metal Science, as well as for post graduate students from the Academy of the Ministry of Interior, Military Academy “G.S. Rakovski”, the specialized units of the Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Defense and the state and non-governmental bodies and organizations, engaged with the issues of antiterrorism.

For the purposes of the training the Institute of Metal Science, together with the Academy of the Ministry of Interior and Military Academy “G.S. Rakovski”, on the basis of article 33, par. 1, item 3, of the Statute of BAS, have developed and organize carrying out a post-graduate course on subject: “Protection and security of infrastructure objects”. The training plan is divided into relatively independent modules that depending on the users’ specific requirements may be configured in different in volume and content Training programs.


  • Graduated higher education;
  • Physical and psychic health – proved by certificate of health;
  • Having a clean record, without started criminal prosecution for committed premeditated crime of general character.


  • For lecturers in theory – no lower educational-qualification degree than “master” of law, economical or engineering sciences or “doctor”;
  • For lecturers in practice – educational-qualification degree “bachelor” or higher.


  • For theory – training room with work place for every trainee and work place of the lecturer, black board, boards, diagrams, computers and other training facilities in the Institute of Metal Science;
  • For practice – laboratories, bases, objects and test grounds in the premises of the Institute of Metal Science, Academy of the Ministry of Interior and Military Academy “G.S. Rakovski” where the trainees can apply in actual situation what is learned in the hours for theory.


1. The post graduation qualification finishes by taking examination in theory and practice.
2. The accomplished training is proved by a Certificate of post graduate qualification.
3. On accomplishment of the training the knowledge of the trainees is assessed by carrying out:

  • situation game for building a protection and security system of infrastructure object, according to preset parameters, and management of crisis situation provoked by terrorist act;
  • examination test.

4. Training duration and volume:

  • number of calendar days: 18 days;
  • total number of hours: 109 hours, being:
      • – number of hours for theory: 72 hours
      • – number of hours for practice: 29 hours
      – test and situation game: 8 hours
  • training form: daily, evening self-instruction and individual;
  • organization form: Post-graduate qualification;