The Ministry of Economy and the Executive Agency for the promotion of SME’s (EAPSME) awarded the contracts for the financing of projects under the 10th National Council

Deputy Minister Ivanova handed over the contract to Professor Nikolay PopovToday, 28 November 2019, Ministry of Economy, represented by Deputy Minister Mrs. Lilia Ivanova, and EAPSME, represented by Executive Director Mr. Boyko Takov, awarded the financing contracts to the representatives of the projects, which will be supported at the 10th National Innovation Fund Competition Session.

HIGH-TECH IMS Ltd. was ranked second out of all 23 projects approved for funding. The company is involved with the project “Mobile Inspector of the hulls of boats and product-pipelines” (MIC).
The project proposal relates to robotic systems for inspection of ship hulls: from the outside – above and below the water line, and from the inside – cargo holds and tanks. The system will also be used for product pipeline inspection.

The main objective of the development is to achieve the TRL 5 of the robotic system and its subsequent implementation in all its variants / modifications on national and international markets.

The project falls within the theme of Mechatronics and Clean Technologies, sub-areas:
– “7 robotics and process automation, incl. 3-D modeling of robotic automated systems”;
– “8 design and production of high-tech products and / or participation in a transnational production chain, incl. in the aerospace industry “.

MIC satisfies the need for quantitative and objective measurement of damage to the surface and structure of the metal of the ship hull and the product-pipeline required for certification and assessment.

The MIC further satisfies the need for an inspection device to consistently inspect the ship’s hull and product-pipline, with one positioning on the surface in a manner that is sufficiently precise and efficient. In addition, the robotic system satisfies the need for a high-tech device capable of continuously inspecting the ship’s hull and product-pipline under intelligent control and allowing the operator to move the inspection module freely below and above the water line and inside the product-pipline.