It was officially opened a new wing of the laboratory for modeling and rapid prototyping

new wing of the laboratory for modeling and rapid prototypingUnder the auspices of Akademik Stefan Vodenicharov,
April 18 (Tuesday) was officially opened a new wing of the Laboratory for modeling and rapid prototyping!

The Laboratory has modern, high tech equipment, with which the processes of projecting and designing of test versions of the developed products and systems, it will significantly enhace their quality, will reduce the time for their preparation for production and realization and will increase their competitiveness!

The Laboratory was opened in honour of the 50-th anniversary of the institute!

3D the printers at the wing of the Laboratory are producing physical copies from digital 3D models, through a complex process of additive manufacturing. For just few hours the machine can produce a number of different details, which would have been too expensive or even impossible for manufacturing, through the traditional methods as foundry, casting, moulding, machine threatment and etc.. The machine’s capability to produce details with complex configurations, internal opens and even asemblated mechanisms, provides unlimited freedom in the design and the manufacturing of innovative products. 3D printing of details and prototypes will increase the productivity of processes such as design, testing and reverse engineering of products, the manufacture of casting moulds and details in limited series.