Anti-drone system and countermeasure device were developed

Anti-drone devicesThe team of the Company has developed new systems and devices to expand the capabilities of our Security and Protection System – BULCIP.

1. Developed at the Company Anti-drone devices (ADD) are modular systems for multiple and single use, including:

  • Sensor system, SS-ADD – for multiple usages;
  • Combat unit system, CUS-ADD – for single use (excluding common component of radio fuses for block blasting);
  • Radio jamming system, RJS – ADD – for multiple usages;
  • System for Command, Control and Communications (SC3-ADD) – for multiple usages.

2. Countermeasure Device ARC – 1
This is a portable complex for non-lethal countermeasures of intruders in the area of security an protection of CI. The complex, as well as all the equipment to it (including ammunitions) is entirely development of the Company and can be used for different purposes and objects.

All this makes it independent of external supply and maintenance and enables the end user to provide a reliable and high quality support. The complex is suitable for repair, it is serviced easily and its exploitation does not require special materials or specialized equipment.

The command and control system of the complex is flexible and allows the same to be integrated into different systems for security and protection. It uses standard communication and information protocols, making it easy to manage and adaptable to command and control systems, even at the level C4I. It does not require special skills from the operator.

The complex can be upgraded depending on the requirements of the end user. Its fast operation (increasing the number of shots per minute) can be provided with an additional module.

Countermeasure Device ARC - 1Countermeasure Device ARC - 1Countermeasure Device ARC - 1Countermeasure Device ARC - 1